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Get to know the people of African Lacrosse through our profiles. The cast of characters is varied, but all have some special knowledge to share.

Patrick Oriana

Player Profile: Patrick “Patoo” Oriana

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Patrick Oriana, who’s well known as the cool-headed two-way midfielder ‘Pat0o’ is a 24 year old native of the Soroti District in Eastern Uganda. He recently graduated with a degree in Business Administration and is pursuing a more advanced degree in banking. The captain of Oneonta, Patoo took an underdog team to the King’s Cup […]


Player Profile: Keith ‘Lubes’ Lubangakene

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Known for his easy-going manner and constant smile, Keith Lubangakene or “Lubes” as the players call him, is one of Team Uganda’s best midfielders. Lubes was one of the first players to pick-up the game when it was introduced to Uganda, and he’s been a force in recruiting new players and promoting the game since. Starting […]

David Profile

Player Profile: David Onen

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Name:  David  Onen Age:  25 Home District: Lamwo District Height/Weight:  5’7″ 165lbs Occupation: Baker Uganda Lacrosse Union (ULU) Team:  Panthers Position:  Midfield What does lacrosse mean to you?   “Lacrosse is my escape from reality, and when I play, I feel as if the rest of the world is at a stand still with my games.” Do you have any […]


Player Profile: Brian Tukire

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Welcome to a new weekly installment of ‘Player Profiles’, the first Player Profile for the Ugandan Lacrosse Team is Brian Tukire.  We’ve asked Brian a few questions, now check out his answers below! Name:  Brian “Yunus” Tukire Age:  21 Home District: Rykungiri District Height/Weight:  6’3″ 185lbs Occupation:  Land Surveyor Uganda Lacrosse Union (ULU) Team:  Strykers Position: […]