Player Profile: Keith ‘Lubes’ Lubangakene

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Known for his easy-going manner and constant smile, Keith Lubangakene or “Lubes” as the players call him, is one of Team Uganda’s best midfielders. Lubes was one of the first players to pick-up the game when it was introduced to Uganda, and he’s been a force in recruiting new players and promoting the game since. Starting at midfield for the Warriaz, he led his team to the 2012 Kings Cup and has been an outspoken leader of the national team as it trains for World Championships.

Growing up in Gulu, a city in northern Uganda that was heavily affected by the war raged by Joseph Kony and the Lord’s Resistance Army, Lubes moved to Kampala when he was young to live with other family members. Following his passion for music, Lubes became a well-known DJ in Uganda, and continues to play at events throughout the country.

With training getting more intense as the World Championships near, Lubes has been spotlighted by the coaching staff for his continued development and commitment. A strong defender with good stickwork, lookout for Lubes to become a serious two-way midfielder for Team Uganda in 2014.

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