Player Profile: Brian Tukire

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Welcome to a new weekly installment of ‘Player Profiles’, the first Player Profile for the Ugandan Lacrosse Team is Brian Tukire.  We’ve asked Brian a few questions, now check out his answers below!

Name:  Brian “Yunus” Tukire

Age:  21

Home District: Rykungiri District

Height/Weight:  6’3″ 185lbs

Occupation:  Land Surveyor

Uganda Lacrosse Union (ULU) Team:  Strykers

Position:  Midfield

What are your lacrosse dreams?  To one day represent Uganda in the World Championships and to continue to spread the sport of lacrosse all across Africa.

Professional goals?  I plan to construct an orphanage center and school to educate kids for free, and I want to use the sport of lacrosse to help aid in their development.

What athlete inspires you?  Muhammad Ali, he’s hardworking, dedicated and a champion.

Do you have a personal motto?  “God always first, hard work and patience pays off, and the future belongs to the organized.”

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To support Brian and the Dream2014 campaign, check out:

Also check out the trailer for the documentary on Uganda Lacrosse!

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