Championship on the Line!

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Oneonta is Strykers last line of defense.

Saturday: MUBS Sports ground, Nakawa

Panthers v Oneonta

Warriaz v Kings

The Uganda Lacrosse League comes down to the final day.  After leading the entire season driven by dominant offensive play by Ken Kasule, Ibrahim Makanda and Yunus Tukire, the Strykers are forced to watch from the sidelines to see if they will be named champions.  Down by 3 points and 2 goals in the league standings, the Panthers need to thump offensive-minded Oneonta to claim the title.

Driven by captain Onen David and rising star Marlando ‘M6’ Bruno, the Panthers have made a rapid climb to 2nd place in the standings.  Now what lies in their way is the deadly duo of Andrew Musambi and Patrick Oriana, a pair known to light up the scoreboard on multiple outings this year.  If the Panthers can win by 3 or more, they’ll take the crown, a feat they’ve been focused on for nearly 9 months now.

In the other game of the day, the winless Kings hope to pull off an upset by surprising the fast-paced Warriaz.  Despite struggles early in the year, the Kings appeared strong at times in the middle of the season, and have the talent to make a run.

Check back tomorrow to find out the results!


Table standings


Strykers                       18

Panthers                     15

Oneonta                      10

Warriaz                        10

Kings                            0

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