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Back in Uganda & Wand NOT the Wizard

0 - Published July 2, 2013 by in Africa, Dream2014, Grow The Game, World Championships

It’s been nearly six months since I’ve been in Uganda, and getting back into the swing of things coaching wise was seamless.  It was clear that the players had markably improved since my last visit, with a considerable group of the guys shooting well with both hands.

For my first practice back I was accompanied by rising freshman Georgetown recruit Eduardo White, who was in Uganda doing some community service work. White connected with the players pretty instantaneously, leading them in a shooting drill while I worked with the defense.

As practice winded down, I mentioned to the players that White was extremely talented at stringing sticks, and would be able to fix their sticks before heading out of the country the following day.  Of the handful of sticks that we received, one from Ronald Otim, a star defensemen in the league, caught my eye the most. Otim, who is a defenseman for the defending champion Warriaz, had tied his sidewall with bits of metal, a plastic bag and miscellaneous pieces of string he found on the ground.  See below for a nice little picture.


Having been a part of Uganda Lacrosse for nearly two years now, I’ve seen a lot of interesting ‘home-remedies,’ however this surely takes the cake. Considering this is one of the best defensemen in the area who is well known for his stickwork, I can firmly say that it’s all about the wizard and not about the wand!

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