25 Days – Countdown to League Play

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Oneonta celebrates winning the regular season championship.

There are 25 days left until the league starts, and we will be counting down each day leading up to the season.

Today, we look back at last year’s regular season when Oneonta strung together impressive wins to take the crown.  Oneonta was 2011’s runner-up in the King’s Cup, and was able to become the regular season champion through tough defense and great middie play.  Patrick ‘Pato’ Oriana, who is the captain of Oneonta, led the team in scoring, but also led as an impressive two-way middie.  Check out Patrick’s bio here.

However you can’t talk Oneonta defense without mentioning 6 foot, quick-footed Peter Gonahasa, whose ability to strip the ball is unparalled in the league.  Peter attributes his defense abilities to Chad Wiedmaier, who helped train him in 2011.  You can also read Peter’s bio here.

Expect to see Oneonta challenged this winter by better offenses and smarter schemes.

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